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The Antique Automobile Club of America
The Antique Automobile Club of America, pharmacy founded in 1935, treat is the world’s largest automotive historical society with over 60,000 members and 400 regional clubs worldwide. The AACA is dedicated to perpetuating the memories of early automobiles by encouraging their history, collection and use.



Classic Car Club of America, Inc.
CCCA is dedicated to the collecting, preservation and enjoyment of the world’s finest automobiles which were manufactured from 1925 through 1948.

Automark History
Web site featuring the history of many major automobile manufacturers, including Stutz, in the Russian language. They would like to stay in close touch with the owners and fans of the STuTZ all over the world.

Golden Era Automobile Association
The “Golden Era Automobile Association” is one of the fastest growing early “original” car clubs around. This auto club celebrates those motor vehicles built between the years 1915 and 1942.

STuTZ Repair Manual
1923-1928 STUTZ REPAIR MANUAL courtesy of GEAA.