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William J. Greer proposed formation of The Stutz Club on October 9, 1987 on the Blue Field at the AACA Fall Meet, Hershey, PA. There were five (5) Founding Life members and 239 other charter members.

The Stutz Club, Inc. was incorporated under the laws of Indiana on December 5, 1990 as a not for profit corporation organized exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

The 10th Annual Grand Stutz Meet at the original Stutz factory in Indianapolis, Indiana. Sept. 9th, 1997

The Stutz Club was organized to promote personal contact, commingling, fellowship, and the exchange of information among its members. It’s aims are to further the preservation, restoration, and enjoyment of the motor vehicles manufactured from 1911 through 1936 by companies founded by Harry Clayton Stutz. These include The Ideal Motor Car Company, The Stutz Motor Car Company, The Stutz Fire Engine Company, New Stutz Fire Apparatus Company and The H.C.S. Motor Car Company. These motor vehicles, comprising the marques of Stutz, Blackhawk, H.C.S. and Pak-Age Car, are collectively referred to as Stutz.

The Club disseminates practical and educational information through meetings, the publication of a quarterly Stutz News publication, our online forum, and other modes of communication. It sponsors activities including publication of a directory of members.

The Stutz Club promotes the preservation of literature, photographs, and artifacts pertaining to the life of Harry Clayton Stutz and Stutz vehicles. To those persons who have made significant contributions to the club, there is an award called “The Peter Helck Stutz Memorial Trophy”.

The Club cooperates with similar clubs representing interest in antique and classic motor vehicles. It strives to educate the public concerning the history of Stutz and features of Stutz vehicles. Also, it strives to own, operate, and maintain an association for the education, pleasure, entertainment, and recreation of its members.

Club membership worldwide includes 244 members 

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